collard greens & ham egg roll

Game Day Appetizers

There is nothing better than getting ready for a BIG GAME whether it’s basketball, football, baseball, soccer, etc., with your favorite appetizers. While planning for this big game, you might have a few people over to watch the game with you, but as it gets closer to game day, your…

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minestrone soup

Cold Days Comfort Foods

What do you consider to be a comfort food? My idea of a comfort food is a food that makes you feel warm on those cold nights, maybe even some summer nights. It is the type of food that technically, makes you feel better on days you are down, makes…

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tropical red punch

Holiday Cheers

Everyone loves a tasty, refreshing drink with their meals and the holidays are the perfect time to celebrate with drinks you might not normally indulge in.  I like my drinks to go along with the festivities so I have a trio of red, white and green drinks that I always…

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holiday event prep espn stephen a

Christmas Event Prep

During the holidays it brings another level of food preparation ordinarily, when you are preparing the food OUT OF STATE  AND for television, oh my god (OMG). There are an abundance of things needed to pull this off and guess what, you CAN DO IT!  There is no doubt that…

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Aunt Carmen's ESPN appearance

ESPN TV Appearance

My appearance on ESPN Stephen A’s World was hectic and needed some serious prepping and planning. Preparing for an event takes a lot of planning, especially when you need to travel a long distance. How do you plan quick meals for travel, AND make it appetizing and picturesque for television…

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shopping tips

Shopping Tips

When it comes to shopping everyone is looking to get the best bargains for the least amount of money.  When shopping for groceries I’ve found that a routine works best.  Here are my shopping tips. Make a plan and stick to it! First, I would type up a checklist, (divided…

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fried chicken

Fried Chicken Tips

Who doesn’t love a family favorite that’s a true crowd pleaser, fresh, out of the pan, crunchy, tender, juicy, fried, chicken.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met anyone that eats meat that doesn’t love fried chicken.  The crunchy golden crust is a must, but the right touch…

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thanksgiving leftover ideas

Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

So here we are friends, it’s a couple days post turkey, we shopped until we dropped and got those good deals, now we get up and look in the fridge and there it is…. those leftovers, still sitting in that Tupperware or wrapped in that foil.  As you stare down…

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