Aunt Carmen's ESPN appearance

ESPN TV Appearance

My appearance on ESPN Stephen A’s World was hectic and needed some serious prepping and planning. Preparing for an event takes a lot of planning, especially when you need to travel a long distance. How do you plan quick meals for travel, AND make it appetizing and picturesque for television…

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shopping tips

Shopping Tips

When it comes to shopping everyone is looking to get the best bargains for the least amount of money.  When shopping for groceries I’ve found that a routine works best.  Here are my shopping tips. Make a plan and stick to it! First, I would type up a checklist, (divided…

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fried chicken

Fried Chicken Tips

Who doesn’t love a family favorite that’s a true crowd pleaser, fresh, out of the pan, crunchy, tender, juicy, fried, chicken.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met anyone that eats meat that doesn’t love fried chicken.  The crunchy golden crust is a must, but the right touch…

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thanksgiving leftover ideas

Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

So here we are friends, it’s a couple days post turkey, we shopped until we dropped and got those good deals, now we get up and look in the fridge and there it is…. those leftovers, still sitting in that Tupperware or wrapped in that foil.  As you stare down…

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apple pie and crust made with a pastry blender

Pastry Blender Tip

Why Should I Use a Pastry Blender? There are two ways that you can use a pastry blender.  Wait, what is a pastry blender.  A pastry blender basically creates a flaky crust. The pastry blender is used to cut in flour with fat until it resembles crumbs.  If you do…

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brining a turkey

Brining a Turkey

Should we or shouldn’t we BRINE our turkey prior to cooking it.  IT MATTERS, yes it does, why?  What is the purpose of BRINING A TURKEY? Simply put, BRINING is basically dissolving a lot of salt in boiling water with seasonings (or adding seasonings at the end) to tenderize the…

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Holiday planning and prepping with Aunt Carmen

Holiday Planning & Prepping

The holidays are here, and FOOD is the focal point of family gatherings.  I just LOVE the holidays, everything is surrounded by connecting with family, friends near and far and of course, FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!!!!!  FOOD is the center of attention during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving, so whomever you invite…

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