AC's Twist

Did you ever go to a restaurant and say, “I’m going to try to make this when I get home, this was delicious”? With Aunt Carmen’s Twist, I will visit restaurants throughout the United States and give you my take on a menu item or two, maybe even three, that I have tasted for my audience. Maybe, you will find your way to the restaurant and enjoy the same food that I did. Then, occasionally, I will try to share my version of the same food product to see if it comes out close to what I have eaten at the restaurant, that is where AC Twist was materialized. Sounds like fun! You never know how it is going to come out and what ingredients need converted. I want YOU to share your take on certain restaurants and your favorite menu item, (plug the information in the comments section) and you never know where I will be next! Stay tuned in!
lobster rolls

Lobster Rolls

My mom was a big fan of lobster rolls. We would drive to City Island in the Bronx, NY and she would eat a lobster roll there and order one to go. My goodness? She loved some Lobster Rolls, which is why I had to create my own version of…

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Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Ruth’s Chris Steak House is situated near one of the best malls in Short Hills, New Jersey and has a great atmosphere for fine dining. If you are ready to go out to eat dinner and take a break from the kids and cooking, this is the place to go.…

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Beignets or Munchkins

Beignets are those cute little desserts that’s smothered in powdered sugar, sweet on the outside and soft on the inside, whereas munchkins are those little donuts to pop in your mouth on the go, while driving I might say. At times, when I have ordered beignets, they remind me of…

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Chicken St. Charles - Ruby Slipper New Orleans

New Orleans Ruby Slipper

First resting/eating spot in the morning was the famous Ruby Slipper Cafe. This restaurant sits on a quoin not far from the famous Bourbon Street where everything is alive and festive. This is the perfect homestyle type restaurant when longing for some good ole fashion cooking. At first, the line…

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Frosted Flake French Toast with Raisins

My Frosted Flake French Toast with Raisins created an argument in my household.  I made a few to upload on this blog and placed them on the kitchen counter while I went to put a load of clothes in the washing machine.  When returning from the laundry room, they seem…

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The Beverly Hilton omelet

The Beverly Hilton

The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, California is a great place to not only sleep and relax by the poolside, it’s actually a hidden secret to eat a tasty breakfast. You will have a host of choices at Circa 55 including the breakfast buffet. I chose the Frosted Flake French Toast…

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