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kitchen tools and equipment

Nothing is better than shopping for a few kitchen tools and equipment needed to make your own homemade dish. Some of my favorite tools and equipment can be substituted by something that is right in one of your cabinets. Flatware, cups or even bowls can be used in place of a certain kitchen tool you don’t have. That’s right, it can be done if you think outside of the box.

One of my must haves in the kitchen is the mixer, whether it is a KitchenAid or Hamilton Beach, Breville, etc. The mixer is essential when you are making your favorite cookie dough batch or cake batter. The glass mixer bowl is a great option, as the noise level is cut down during the mixing process. The glass bowl comes with a cover (lid) and is beneficial when you need to cover and let your dough rise or to prevent anything from dropping inside the bowl. It will be beneficial to buy various mixer attachments to use when making specific food products like pasta or different designs for vegetables. That’s where your creativity comes in!

Another necessity in the kitchen is a good chef’s knife. Keep in mind that a knife is only as good as the sharpness of your cutting edge. All your knife cuts, dicing, mincing, slicing, chiffonade, julienne, brunoise, you name it, can be done using a chef’s knife, maybe, except for a tourne cut, it might be a little clunky when using a chef’s knife.

The measuring cups and spoons are important for accuracy when baking, and heck even cooking at times. Accurate measuring is the key to following a recipe to make the food product come out exactly as the recipe specifies.

The cutting board is another essential piece of kitchen equipment that is needed. When it comes to cutting herbs, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. Your cutting board should be stabilized on a flat surface to avoid movement and cutting your fingers due to an uneven surface. Ouch! One tip would be to apply a damp kitchen towel underneath the cutting board to prevent the cutting board from moving. You can thank me later, you will practice this method often. I guarantee!

My love of non-stick pots and pans is a must-have when it comes to certain foods. Foods that can easily stick to the bottom of the pans, use non-stick pans. For example, when making any dish with eggs, use non-stick. When making foods such as stewed foods, use anything but non-stick.

Could you imagine if there was no chef knife in the kitchen or a cutting board. I get it, some people might use their countertop as their cutting board. Make your life a little easier by getting these tools to make any recipe of your choice. These pieces of kitchen equipment and tools are necessary! So, check out my favorite tools to use and I will continue to add some of my favorites while cooking foods and baking desserts.

Aunt Carmen

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