Baby Back Ribs or Spare Ribs

baby back ribs

Grilling time is here, what do you prefer, baby back ribs or spare ribs?

What is the difference, they are both from the ribs of pork. Personally, I prefer baby back ribs because they are smaller and easier to eat as opposed to the longer, thicker, meatier spare ribs. So, what is the major difference between the two when it comes to taste? If you prefer to have much more meat and fat on your ribs, then spare ribs is the route to take when preparing your meal. If you don’t have a preference, try baby back ribs, though you might eat a few more as they are smaller and shorter. Nothing is wrong with that, eat up! Depending on your time to prepare, one takes longer than the other to cook, bake or grill. The baby back ribs will take a shorter time to prepare as they are smaller. They are more tender and such a delight to eat, you want them to be able to fall off of the bone and not be too tough as its counterpart in the spare ribs.

Do the baby back ribs come from the same area on the pig, as spare ribs? No, baby back ribs are at the top (upper part) of the rib bone, but below the loin muscle, making it more lean and tender once cooked. As said, baby back ribs do not have that much meat on them. They have less fat as well.

Spare ribs are located along the breast bone and the lower part of the pig. Spare ribs are more flavorful due to the fat and meat content making it a top choice for the rib lovers. It is much longer than the baby back ribs and needs more time internally to cook.

When preparing spare ribs for the grill, usually, the ribs are boiled for 30 minutes to make them more tender before placing them on the grill. Add seasonings to the meat before placing them into the water to boil. Once you have removed the ribs from the boiling water, you can sprinkle a little more seasoning on them before placing them on the grill. Remember, your favorite barbecue sauce is going to add a more tangy flavor so do not overpower your ribs with too much seasoning. Your grill should not be too high in temperature as it will dry it out. Place on a low to medium temperature to retain the moisture and tenderness. All this talk about ribs makes me think about making some baby back ribs tomorrow, how about you?

Aunt Carmen

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