Banana Pudding

banana pudding

Here you go, Shannon Sharpe!!!!!

Recently, I was watching ESPN’s First Take morning show starring my brother, Stephen A and noticed that he was shining some light on MY cooking skills, which he does often (thank you, Steve). Yay!!!! He was speaking with Shannon Sharpe about my Sunday dinner that was prepared and how well I could throw down. Thanks for the love!!!!!! So, Shannon asked if I could make a few things. He mentioned Banana Pudding, Smothered Pork Chops, Rice (any type), Collard Greens, Squirrels and Peach Cobbler (I have posted a video of my Peach Cobbler a while back). All of these dishes are not only good but simple to make, so, I am going to dedicate my next two blogs on Shannon’s requests. Don’t look for me to make squirrels!!!!! Lol, Just couldn’t see myself cooking my little cute friend, Scrat!!!!

So here you go, Shannon, I am making this Banana Pudding for you and my followers! If you need the visual of making this dessert, follow along in this blog, TikTok and/or Instagram. Aunt Carmen’s is known for making everything from scratch. Don’t be intimidated when you see a recipe for the pudding and whipped cream!!!! You got this!!!! Let’s get started with your mise en place!!!!!

Ingredients: milk, Aunt Carmen’s vanilla pudding ingredients, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, Aunt Carmen’s whipped cream ingredients, vanilla wafers and bananas. (You can substitute Aunt Carmen’s Vanilla Pudding and Whipped Cream recipe ingredients by purchasing both items ready made in your local store.)

Egg separator – to separate the albumen (white) from the yolk
Large mixing bowl – used to add ingredients to be mixed
Rolling pin – to crush vanilla wafers
Rubber spatula – to stir and remove all sauce from pot
Sauté pot – used to heat and thicken vanilla pudding
Small cutting board – to crush vanilla wafers
Stand mixer – for making your homemade whipped cream
Trifle bowl – to display your dessert in layers
Whisk attachment – to make the whipped cream light and airy
Whisk – to mix together your pudding batter

Making Banana Pudding

Step One – Place stand mixing bowl and whisk attachment in the refrigerator until Step Two. Buy or prepare your pudding. If making Aunt Carmen’s Vanilla Pudding, go to the recipes tab and follow the measurements along with step by step instructions. In a medium sized bowl, add sugar, cornstarch and salt. Add eggs, vanilla, butter and banana liqueur. Whisk together. Add to a sauté pan along with milk. Stir until thickened. Once mixed, remove to a bowl, cover and refrigerate until ready to put all your ingredients together in Step Three.

Step Two – Prepare and make your whipped cream. Now these steps are easy, please do not buy any Whipped Cream as the recipe calls for ONLY three ingredients. That’s right, only three, you can do this! In a stand mixer using a whisk attachment, remove the stand mixer bowl from the refrigerator or freezer as it works best cold when making whipped cream. Add heavy whipping cream to the mixing bowl. Beat on high speed. Add vanilla. Lower speed on mixer and add confectioner’s sugar. Once soft peaks are formed, stop the mixer, place in a medium sized bowl and refrigerate until needed in Step Three.

Step Three – In a large mixing bowl, add milk, pudding, condensed milk, and vanilla. Using a rubber spatula, add whipping cream and gently fold until fully blended together.

Step Four – Using a trifle bowl, add vanilla wafers in one layer on the bottom, add pudding mixture on top, place vanilla wafers around the sides, touching all sides of the bowl until complete then add more vanilla wafers, then bananas in one layer over the top, add more pudding. Add bananas all around the sides of the bowl. Keep with this process until you have reached three to four layers.

Step Five – End with pudding mixture on top, create crumbs with vanilla wafers, spread on top and across the pudding mixture. Top with a few vanilla wafers and sliced bananas in the center. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!! Not bad at all!!!! Hope there’s enough cookies, Shannon!!!!!

banana pudding

Next blog is dedicated to one more of Shannon’s requests, stay tuned!!!! Those of you who are fond of this dessert or have made Banana Pudding, send me your pictures in the comment section. Teach me a thing or two about Banana Pudding!!!!! I’m never too proud to learn!!! I am ready to see your masterpiece!!!!!

Don’t forget, if you need the visual, follow on TikTok and Instagram.

Bye now,
Aunt Carmen


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