Brining a Turkey

Turkey Brine recipe

Should we or shouldn’t we BRINE our turkey prior to cooking it.  IT MATTERS, yes it does, why?  What is the purpose of BRINING A TURKEY?

Simply put, BRINING is basically dissolving a lot of salt in boiling water with seasonings (or adding seasonings at the end) to tenderize the meat.    This first step process in BRINING allows the meat proteins in the muscle fibers to break down.  When it is soaking in this solution along with your herbs and vegetables, it will also add flavor to the food product.  Your BRINING solution should be discarded, and your meat product rinsed of all salt solutions once finished soaking.  If not totally rinsed, it will end up as a salty product.  DO NOT over brine as it will cause some meats to break down too much.  BRINING overnight works best for a turkey, with whole chicken BRINING, normally I will not exceed 4 hours in the refrigerator.

There are so many questions about ways to prepare a turkey during the holidays.  Some people might want to fry or grill it, either way, most of the time it will come out very tasty but dry, BRINING prevents your bird from getting very dry and will give you the moist and tenderness you are looking for. If you go to my recipes, you can get the recipe on brining your turkey and I have included a quick video on putting it all together.  Brining is very simple and quick and will have your turkey taken to the next level of becoming one of the moistest turkeys ever made in preparation for the holidays, SO LET’S GO!  YES!

I would LOVE to hear comments on BRINING your turkey whether it is my way or YOUR way!!!!

Click to see my turkey brine recipe!

Aunt Carmen

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