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Chicken St. Charles - Ruby Slipper New Orleans

What four recipes are needed to make Chicken St. Charles? I know you guessed one, fried chicken. Yes, you are correct, what are the other three recipes needed? Keep reading and I will share all of the four recipes needed to make Chicken St. Charles.

When should Chicken St. Charles be eaten? Is this a breakfast, lunch or dinner meal? I would say, any time of the day, Chicken St. Charles can be eaten, depending on your hunger level. When visiting New Orleans, if you look at AC’s Twist, I have taken a picture of this dish and now I am going to show you how to make this dish. It might be a little intimidating, but once you get going, it will all come together like a puzzle as there are multiple steps in making this dish as scrumptious as your heart desires. This is a great go-to-meal once your family and friends get a bite out of this! There are four recipes that need to be prepped and made, so follow along closely and I will get you there.

What are the four recipes needed to make this dish? How to make Chicken St. Charles? How to poach an egg? These questions will be answered as you read along on how to make Chicken St. Charles. There are multiple steps, so bear with me and follow along closely, so that you can be the talk of the town, that is, in your house.

Four Recipes to Make Chicken St. Charles

Some food dishes may call for one recipe, but with Chicken St. Charles, you will need four recipes. The first recipe to start off with is Fried Chicken. The chicken could be baked or fried, but I prefer it to be fried as it will give this dish a nice, crunchy texture when eating the Chicken St. Charles. The fried chicken recipe you are accustomed to using will work out fine with this recipe or you can use my Fried Chicken Recipe.

Your second recipe is for the biscuits. Biscuits are simple and quick to make, so while the chicken is frying, the biscuits can be prepared for the oven. I have included steps in making my biscuits.

Your third recipe is for the sauce. The sauce being used is a cheese sauce similarly used when preparing macaroni and cheese. This sauce is a thick, rich, cheesy sauce that will take no time to make. This sauce should not be made too early as it will thicken and get lumpy while waiting for the rest of the food items to cook.

Your fourth recipe will be your poached eggs. Making poached eggs is a fast and easy process, it is the timing that has to do with everything. You cannot cook these too long as eggs are one of the quickest foods to make.

Now that we know the four recipes that are needed, let’s get that apron on and get to work. Let’s go!

Step One – Prepare the ingredients for the CHICKEN only. If you prepare all of your ingredients for each recipe, your kitchen is going to be mad at you, it is going to look chaotic. Please take this advice and thank me later. Check out my Fried Chicken recipe on the above recipe tab.

Fried Chicken Ingredients:
chicken, flour, cornstarch, milk, lemon juice, hot sauce, onion and garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper and peanut oil.

assorted sized bowls, liquid measuring cup, deep fryer, tongs, cooling rack, baking sheet

chicken st charles

Step Two – While frying the chicken, prepare your ingredients for the biscuits. This is a quick and easy biscuit recipe, just a little messy as you are working with dough. The ingredients needed for the biscuits are:

Biscuit Ingredients:
flour, salt, milk, baking soda, baking powder, butter

large mixing bowl, knife, pastry blender, wooden spoon, baking sheet, parchment paper

In this step, the butter should be cold when cutting into the flour. To cut-in, use two knives or a pastry blender with flour and fat to create a crumb like texture.

Step Three – Once the biscuit dough is made and shaped, use a biscuit cutter to shape your dough and place onto a lined baking sheet. Set this aside until all parts of the Chicken St. Charles is close to being done to ensure that you have fluffy, hot biscuits. The BEST!

Step Four – Now for the cheese sauce recipe. This sauce will take under 10 minutes especially once your stomach starts growling from the chicken frying and the biscuits getting ready to hit the oven. You will start to move much quicker as you anticipate what you are about to eat!

Cheese Sauce ingredients:
butter, flour, milk, velveeta and sharp cheddar cheese, salt and pepper.

sauce pot, wooden spoon, knife

Make a roux with the butter and flour, stirring constantly until smooth in texture. Add milk and cheese until smooth and creamy where it coats the wooden spoon. Cover and set aside. That’s it!

Step Five– At this point, the biscuits should be in the oven or coming out of the oven. Don’t forget to set your oven timer as biscuits will be baked in 10 – 12 minutes. Now for the fun part, poaching our eggs. This is a fairly easy cooking technique and does not take more than 4 minutes in total to complete. This is where the Chicken St. Charles will come together as one tasty, scrumptious meal. Have the Fried Chicken, biscuit on a plate, and Cheese Sauce ready to put it all together prior to poaching your eggs. Follow my Poached Eggs recipe or the steps below.

Poached Eggs Ingredients:
water, salt, eggs

small mixing bowls, skimmer slotted spoon, skillet

Prepare your skillet/frying pan by partially filling with water until it starts to boil. Add salt to boiling water. Lower flame to a simmer. Crack eggs into separate small bowls. If you have two eggs, place each egg in a separate bowl. Add one egg at a time to simmering water, cover and wait four minutes. If bubbles start to fill up the skillet, remove the cover and continue the poaching process for the remaining minutes. Egg whites should be firm and yolk delicate.

In the four minutes cooking time for poaching the eggs, prepare your biscuit by cutting it in half, place one chicken piece on top of one side of the biscuit, place one poached egg on top of the chicken.

Using a small ladle, top it off by drizzling the cheese sauce over the poached egg. Adding a garnish of chives or sliced green onions will put the finishing touch on this dish! Yes!!!!!

Watch my Tik Tok and Instagram video to follow along on making this dish, just in case you forget a step! You got this! Coming Soon: Aunt Carmen’s Family Favorites Cookbook.

Here you go, Chicken St. Charles, Aunt Carmen’s version. Enjoy!

chicken St charles

Share your version of Chicken St. Charles or thoughts in the comment section.

Bye now,
Aunt Carmen

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