Easter Colored Deviled Egg Bites

colored deviled egg bites

Easter is one of those holidays where some families get dressed up and attend a church service and kids are excited to wear their new suit or dress. After the church service, most family members visit either their grandparents or parents house and have a small feast while catching up with the latest news in everyone’s’ life. The good ole days, when life was simple, pleasant and carefree, not a worry in the world.

At this small feast during Easter Sunday, some of the foods that are cooked on Thanksgiving or Christmas are the same for Easter with the exception of those colored Easter Eggs. Usually there is an Easter Basket waiting for some kids to inhale all of the sweet goodies with a few colored eggs smothering them. As an adult, on the night before Easter Sunday, I would gather up the kids, nieces, nephews and some of their little friends and start our project of coloring Easter Eggs and then making some deviled eggs for the adults. Please open those windows, windows MUST be open! My goodness, the stench from the eggs is overpowering. Watch out!

Coloring eggs is a simple way of entertaining kids while having fun, making a mess of the kitchen and hiding them for our Easter Egg hunt the following day. In the past, I have used assorted vegetables to color my eggs. This is a process that must be done where the egg sits in the vegetable peel overnight to obtain the desired color. Sometimes, there is not enough time in the day to wait for your eggs to get your desired color from fresh vegetables, so back to the food coloring process.

All that is needed to make your colors is food coloring, vinegar and water. Submerge your egg in the water and color solution for a few seconds. It all depends on the color you want to achieve. A deeper color you would sit in the color solution longer and the lighter color needs less time. Common sense. At times, to create designs on the eggs, you can wrap them with kitchen twine or a rubber band before placing them in the water and color solution.

There are a few foods that can be made with these colored eggs, deviled eggs, loaded stuffed eggs, egg salad, cobb salad and many more where you can get creative on your own. My deviled eggs are a hit at Easter events, so give it a try and let me know how your colored Deviled Easter Eggs come out. Watch my Instagram video on how to make these little treats! Happy Easter everyone!!!

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