Flavored Flour Tortillas with Cheese Dip

flavored flour tortilla chips

Now that the warm weather is here, eating snacks and appetizers are on the rise. Some people prefer to eat lighter foods that are quick to make, as it is too hot to be in front of the stove cooking for a long period of time. I am one of those people that prefer eating lighter foods and constantly snack every two hours. If I eat heavy or an abundance of food at once, I develop a feeling of heaviness in my belly, then there comes the feeling of “needing to lay down in the bed”, (sounds familiar) but, that will just add the pounds more quickly! No can do! That brings to my mind, quick foods, simple snacks that will curb that appetite and satisfy your tummy for a couple of hours.

I am going to focus my blog today on Flavored Flour Tortillas with Cheese Dip that can easily go into the microwave oven or the convection oven, either choice, you will be pleased with this recipe and probably keep it as one of your favorites. My friend Ellen S, made this dip for me years ago and I have never forgotten how to make this dish. Thank you Ellen S. This recipe will take a total of 15 minutes from start to finish and will leave your guest impressed with how quick this will be made.

These dip recipes might not shed the pounds, but it does seem to be a lighter food choice than a meal.

The tools needed are small tools and equipment that most carry in the household, so there is no need to panic in that area. Some tools can be substituted and produce the same results, so relax and let’s get this dish in the oven.

Baking Dish – to bake the dip and create a thin layers of cheese, meat and vegetables
Baking Sheet – when preparing flour tortilla, to spread tortilla into one layer
Chef’s knife – slice/cut peppers into rondelle shape
Cutting Board – used to assist with cutting flour tortillas and peppers.
Grater – to shred cheese
Pizza Wheel – to evenly cut the flour tortillas
Sauce pot – to fry flour tortilla

Cheddar cheese – placed on top of the chili to create a layered dip
Chili – to add meat flavor to the dip (any ground and finely chopped meat will work)
Cream cheese – the foundation of the dip
Flour Tortillas – to pair with your favorite dip
Jalapeno peppers (any peppers can add more flavor) diced or rondelle cuts
Vegetable oil – to fry flour tortilla

Flavored Flour Tortillas with Cheese Dip

Step One – Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Step Two – Using the cutting board, stack four to six flour tortillas on top of one another. Using a pizza wheel or knife, cut down the middle, similar to cutting a pizza pie until you have small triangular shaped tortillas. Place a small amount of oil in the palms of your hand and toss the shaped tortillas with your hands until lightly coated.

Step Three – Add seasoning to the tortillas. This step is where you can become creative with adding one or more spices. Place a small amount of the oil in a bowl and continue to moisten your hands to coat tortillas. Seasoned tortilla chips are the best!

Step Four – In a medium sized sauce pot, fry the seasoned flour tortillas for a few seconds or until golden brown on each side. This will only take seconds depending on the flame level. Warning, do not walk away or you will come back to deep brown tortilla chips (basically burnt tortillas). Prepare a baking sheet lined with paper towels to place fried tortillas and absorb any grease/oil.

Step Five – In a large baking dish, spread cream cheese onto the bottom, add chili on top of cream cheese, add peppers (or any other ingredient preferred), then top with cheddar cheese.

Step Five – Bake in the oven for ten minutes or until the cheese has melted. Depending on the type of oven used, the baking time can be more or less. The Cheese Dip can be placed in the microwave oven as well with less than ten minutes cooking time. It’s all up to you on how quick you would like to eat and serve this dip. It is best served hot and straight out of the oven and most importantly, it poses no threat to your taste buds when reheated.

Step Six – Serve with Flavored Tortilla Chips. Make this dish stand out by placing the dip in a medium size bowl, place the bowl on top of a plate. Place Flavored Tortilla Chips around the bowl holding the dip. Using a rubber spatula will remove the Cheese Dip from the baking dish without falling apart.

If there are any tortillas leftover the next day, do not reheat. Serve at room temperature. The heat will cause the tortillas to become too chewy.

There are so many different types of dips served with corn chips, crackers, bread, etc. Each person has their personal preference on the type of dip that is the ultimate best.

Here are a few of my favorite dip recipes that most of my family and guests enjoy. Hoping these recipes will be your favorites to make as well. Post pictures in the comment section below of your favorite dip.

Flavored Tortilla Chips with Cheese Dip Recipe

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Bye now,
Aunt Carmen


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