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collard greens & ham egg roll

There is nothing better than getting ready for a BIG GAME whether it’s basketball, football, baseball, soccer, etc., with your favorite appetizers. While planning for this big game, you might have a few people over to watch the game with you, but as it gets closer to game day, your guest list suddenly starts to get a bit longer than originally planned. That’s ok, you got this! Your menu is going to be ON POINT! So let’s get started on one idea for a quick appetizer that can be made ahead of time.

My first thought is egg rolls. I love to make egg rolls out of leftover meat and veggies. In my latest instagram video, I had leftover collard greens which were chopped and baked ham that was diced then, sauteed in sesame oil and rolled with an egg roll wrapper. Oh my goodness, this exceeded my expectations 100 percent! I named this my Collard Greens and Ham Egg Roll. You can freeze these scrumptious little treats for up to two weeks. You can swap out the ham for poultry, beef or seafood and it will taste just as good! This appetizer can be versatile using a variety of foods.

When making foods using egg roll wrappers, roll up the food in your wrapper, make sure to wet the ends of the dough with water, then pat dry. This ensures the end of the wrappers adhere to the middle part to prevent the whole egg roll wrapper from unraveling. Do not forget, I want it to
come out perfect for you. Patting the egg roll with paper towels prevents the water from hitting the oil. Remember water and oil DO NOT MIX. Once the water on the egg roll hits the oil, it will splatter back at you. PAT DRY.

Also, you can make a veggie egg roll for those guests that are vegetarians or on a special diet and have different varieties available. If making a veggie roll, follow my recipe and you are sure to be a big hit on game day. Stay tuned for more game day appetizers. Follow on Instagram and TikTok.

Bye now!

Aunt Carmen

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