Thai Beef Jerky Komodo

A must “go to” restaurant in Miami, Florida is Komodo. This restaurant is very deceiving on the outside and SPECTACULAR on the inside. Komodo reminds me of the rainforest type of restaurant minus the animal statues. The atmosphere is surrounded by green shrubbery everywhere, and very colorful, with three levels of absolute beauty. Music echoes in the background with loud chatter bouncing off the flowery walls coming from happy customers. With your first visit, you will be absolutely amazed at the décor and lively atmosphere Komodo brings into your dining experience. It just makes you smile and look on excitedly, soaking in your surroundings, as you would never expect this from walking towards the entryway.

Komodo is located on Brickell Avenue, right before a bridge set between posh hotels and the Brickell Key of Miami, Florida. This restaurant serves Southeast Asian cuisine and a host of special cocktails that is sure to make you come back for more. The service was impeccable and personable, the waiter was very knowledgeable about the menu items and careful to mention any common allergy foods and also gave a lot of advice on other things happening in the area (which is always helpful).

The food was SO GOOD!!!!!! Let’s first start off with their small plates, I ordered Wagyu Skirt Steak Tacos. These tacos were absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! One problem, the tacos were way too small, where I could just poke the whole taco in my mouth, yes, that small, but oh, so good. I wish they were bigger because I decided to order another set of three. The Thai Beef Jerky was so addictive, I couldn’t stop eating them. The Pork Sticky Ribs were also very, very good. These three must be ordered when you visit. Hands down, you won’t be disappointed. My main plate choice was the Korean Fried Chicken, it was great, but a little too crispy for my liking and after eating all of those small plates, honestly I did not have much room for anything more. I added the vegetable fried rice to compliment my fried chicken, which was also very appetizing. This restaurant will get five stars due to the ambience and great food! You will be in for a great treat when visiting this restaurant. You can dress casually (not too casual) and the prices are a bit expensive, but worth every penny!!!!

Bye now,

Aunt Carmen

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