Lobster Rolls

lobster rolls

My mom was a big fan of lobster rolls. We would drive to City Island in the Bronx, NY and she would eat a lobster roll there and order one to go. My goodness? She loved some Lobster Rolls, which is why I had to create my own version of “Aunt Carmen’s Lobster Roll”. I was not happy with the long drive, traffic jams and a toll fee to top it off while driving to the Bronx, so I decided to try to duplicate this for my mom. The question is what is so great about a lobster roll? I would think it is the lobster, chunks of it, engulfed and sandwiched between a brioche roll. The brioche roll/bun is made using yeast, eggs and a lot of butter which gives you that light, sweet, fluffy, doughy texture. You can substitute the brioche for hot dog buns or potato roll buns, it will not alter too much of the texture or taste of your lobster roll. The bun/roll should be lightly toasted in a skillet with butter to give a shiny and buttery taste to the top of your bun, just where you would take a bite. Yes!

Soho House lobster rollsWhile in L.A. we visited the Soho House restaurant in West Hollywood that served lobster rolls. I decided to give it a try and make a comparison to my favorite restaurant in the Bronx, New York, City Island. Wow, this was very good and close to the version at City Island in which I was accustomed. There was one difference as City Island has one fish seasoning that seems to be used on most of their seafood dishes, simple and tasty, whereas at the SoHo House, it had a slight kick and more flavorful seasonings as well as bacon bits on the lobster, OMG, it went splendidly with my red wine! Yes!

Go visit this restaurant, if you are out in West Hollywood, as their menu changes constantly. I hope you are able to sample this masterpiece or take a drive when you are in New York to the Bronx and visit Sammy’s at City Island to get the best lobster rolls. You can even try and make yourself, my “Aunt Carmen’s Lobster Roll” that was made on ESPN’s Stephen A’s World. The celebrity guest inhaled it!!!! Lol. You can find the recipe on the website, quick and easy! Yes!

Bye now!

Aunt Carmen


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  1. Nina Brown

    Looks delicious! I showed Nikole, she was ready to make them!

    • Aunt Carmen

      Thank you💕 Follow the recipe

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