Mexican Food Event Preparation

Mexican Food Event Preparation

The first food that comes to mind when preparing Mexican food is what? Of course, tacos, you guessed it. Most people would say tacos and if you didn’t, that’s ok. On my latest catering event, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo these were the menu items of my choice: tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, mexican rice, street corn and tres leche cake. A variety of tacos were made using chicken, beef and shrimp , the same as the quesadillas. The toppings surrounding these foods included sour cream, pico de gallo, black and/or refried beans, cheese, onions, tomatoes and of course guacamole. Imagine tacos or quesadilla without guacamole on the side! Big mistake!

While preparing your toppings and fillings for your quesadillas and tacos, your chef’s knife should be sharpened as this will be your most used kitchen tool for cutting your tomatoes, onions, peppers, cucumbers and avocados. Your meat can be shredded in the food processor for faster results. You can prepare your toppings the day before your event and place them in small airtight containers or ziploc bags for travel.

Which type of taco shell do you prefer? Hard shell, soft shell, corn tortilla, flour tortilla, wheat tortilla, flavored tortilla. There are so many varieties now, that it would be wise to have a mixture of all types if you are catering an event. My advice on traveling with your shells is to place them in an upright cooling bag, lay your shells flat. Do not place your filling into your shell before arriving. This MUST be setup at your event. The shells will break whether hard, flour or corn tortilla. Carry a few extra shells, just in case!

Now you are ready to set up your taco stand! Good luck!

Bye Now!

Aunt Carmen

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