Mexican Street Corn

mexican street corn

As we approach Labor Day, preparation starts for the last barbecue of the summer. Where did the time go? What is one side dish that can be prepared the same day, is quick to make and picturesque? Mexican Street Corn is the answer that comes to my mind. The few ingredients being used can be measured ahead of time and placed in small custard cups then refrigerated. One less thing to do on the day of your event.

What is Mexican Street Corn, Elote?

Mexican Street Corn is also called Elote. It is a seasoned corn that can be served on or off the cob. It can be placed on the grill or cooked on the stovetop. Its signature name comes from its popularity among the street vendors of Mexico City. It has risen in popularity on social media platforms as well.

What ingredients are used to make Mexican Street Corn?

The ingredients that are widely used when making Mexican Street Corn are mayonnaise, sour cream, cheese, paprika, chili powder, lime, cilantro and of course, corn on the cob . You can check out my version of the Mexican Street Corn recipe. Let’s take a walk through the steps of making your own Mexican Street Corn in preparation for your holiday or any other event. Some of the ingredients can be substituted for your favorite spices.


basting brush, colander, cutting board, skewers, stockpot

How do you make Mexican Street Corn?

Step One – Choose a variety of yellow and white corn, some prefer one over the other, but it is totally up to you. I chose yellow fresh corn on the cob. This recipe calls for 4 ears of fresh corn on the cob. You can use frozen corn on the cob as well, more cooking/boiling or grilling time will be needed to soften the cob. Frozen corn kernels are quicker to cook than a whole frozen cob.

There are myths about yellow corn being a bit sweeter than white corn. The color of corn does not determine the taste of sweetness. Corn comes in a few colors, yellow, white, purple and blue. Whatever your preference, totally up to you as the color does not affect the taste.

Step Two – Place corn on the cob on your cutting board and begin shucking (removing husks) and pulling the silky threads off. Rinse each corn on the cob with cold water until the silky threads are no longer visible on your corn. There are other methods used to remove the husks from corn. The husks can be stored in a ziploc bag for later use if making foods like tamales.

Step Three – Using a large stockpot, add 4-5 quarts of water and two teaspoons of sugar. Immerse the corn fully into the boiling water. Boil corn on the cob for 5 minutes. The color of the corn will be brighter in color. If you prefer your kernels less crunchy, keep boiling for additional Minutes. Another option is boiling with the husk on and removing and discarding it once boiled. It seems to be a faster process of shucking.

Step Four – Drain liquid in a colander and place corn on the cob into a glass baking dish. Prepare your ingredients for your sauce (if it was not done ahead of time) to place on and around your ears of corn . Be careful and avoid getting a thermal burn with the water as well as the corn as it gets very hot to touch! Cool slightly.

The ingredients being used are: mayonnaise, sour cream, cotija cheese, lime, cilantro and smoked paprika.

Combine mayonnaise and sour cream in equal measurements and garlic salt into a mixing bowl. Using a basting brush, spread mixture onto the corn on the cob on one side. Top with cheese, cilantro, then paprika. Flip corn over and repeat the same process as the other side. Don’t worry if it gets a little messy at this point.

Step Five – Squeeze fresh lime over the corn.

Leaving the pedicel (ends or stem) of the corn allows for easy handling and holding of the corn as you eat it, but you can always cut the pedicel and insert metal skewers and place them on the grill, if wanting a different presentation for your guests. If grilling, place corn on the grill before adding the sauce mixture. Once again, it is totally up to you which way to prepare your corn. Upload your picture or leave me a comment on the cooking method that was used.

Below is your finished product of Mexican Street Corn. Keep warm (not hot) by treating it like a bain-marie/hot water bath. These Mexican Street Corns can be made in a short time and will surely be a hit at your next barbecue. Keep some paper towels or napkins handy for any guest, as this is a bit messy when eating!

Happy Holiday!!!!

mexican street corn

Aunt Carmen

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