Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is the day we celebrate all of the wonderful things our mom does and has done for us. Mother’s Day is a day for mothers all around the world to take a break and be treated like a Queen. This is a day to show appreciation for the most amazing woman in our lives. What are some ideas on this day and afterwards, it is never too late to celebrate Mother’s Day.

What to do for Mother’s Day? There are so many favorite things that people like to do for their mother on this special day. Mother’s receive flowers, money, jewelry, food, massages, evening escape to dinner, books, and plants. The list goes on and on, if I left something out, forgive me. When you are short of ideas you can make mom breakfast. Oh, what a treat! You can start off by bringing her favorite morning beverage, whether coffee, tea, orange juice etc. You can make my jelly roll omelette. This is a quick breakfast that brings all the bells and whistles to your taste buds. The variety of toppings to put into your omelette are endless. Whether mom prefers vegetables, bacon, meat, cheese, even fruit inside the omelette, you cannot go wrong with this one. Other options to please mom can be to take her out for breakfast, lunch or dinner but beware of the crowds, it is a guarantee to wait in long lines on this day.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!

Bye Now!

Aunt Carmen

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  1. Sylvia Polanco

    I love your blog !
    happy Mother’s Day!!

    • Aunt Carmen

      I am so glad you are enjoying my blog! Hope you enjoyed the holiday as well.

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