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Chicken St. Charles - Ruby Slipper New Orleans

First resting/eating spot in the morning was the famous Ruby Slipper Cafe. This restaurant sits on a quoin not far from the famous Bourbon Street where everything is alive and festive. This is the perfect homestyle type restaurant when longing for some good ole fashion cooking. At first, the line was like a free cheese line, one my mother used to make each one of her six kids stand on to get a thick, long block of free cheese. This cheese line seemed endless, as neighbors with four or more kids would race to be the first in line. So, if you are hungry, please reserve a time for your own sanity to get a table at this restaurant. Thank goodness that is what my better half did, if not, we would have waited at least one to two hours to devour this food.

As we were seated at our table, the servers were very polite and optimistic about it being the first time we were visiting this restaurant. For starters, the server recommended their Beignets, which were warm, soft, and powdery. The breakfast of choice (Bennies) was the Chicken St. Charles which was a fried chicken breast served over a buttermilk biscuit topped with poach eggs and with a pork cream sauce. This was a great combination of flavors, and the price was right! Another great dish was the Shrimp & Grits with peppers and onions served with a buttermilk biscuit. This was southern hospitality at its best. The servings were hefty and filling, so much that I felt like I had eaten a cow!

This restaurant is a MUST for breakfast when visiting New Orleans! I am sure you will be satisfied with the many dishes Ruby Slippers Café has to offer, as well as the price and the service. Don’t forget to make that reservation!

Bye now!

Aunt Carmen

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