Oxtail Pot Pie

Oxtail Pot Pie

Oxtails are becoming a big phenomenon in the social media world. The awareness, popularity and appreciation of beef oxtails have long been overdue. My West Indian family loves oxtails and have been eating them before I was born. My mom has told many stories as to why her mom (my grandmother) originally started cooking and eating oxtails. These were very long, interesting stories but I will save that for another day.

Oxtails will not be a quick dish to cook as it takes a few hours, so plan your day accordingly when making this dish.

Can you take a guess which animal tails are commonly used in households and in the culinary world? At the end of the blog, I will provide the answer.

On TikTok there are many creative ways in which oxtails are made. I am going to share my way of making oxtails along with combining it into an Oxtail Pot Pie. Sounds good, well it certainly is!

What are Oxtails

Oxtails are considered to be the tail cut of a cattle. Oxtails are no longer called or considered the tail of an ox due to the different types of cattle, as there are many different types of cattle. The tail is cut and skinned into short pieces when they are sold in butcher shops and supermarkets.

What Class of Meat is Oxtails

Oxtail is in the class of beef and at times can be compared to ribs. The difference is, oxtails have a jelly-like, gelatin texture which adds to the rich, juicy flavor from the fat content. The correct term for oxtail is considered an offal. An offal is considered those pieces of meat that are rarely used for consumption. They are the leftover pieces after the main part of the meat is cut.

Selecting Oxtails

When selecting oxtails the color is very important. The color of the oxtail should be a bright pink color with white/light pink fat or tendon pieces in between. The color should not be a slight brown color which would indicate that it is old and not fresh. The oxtail’s color indicates how fresh these tails are, yup, that’s right! The prices of oxtails have skyrocketed and do not seem to be getting any lower in price. Purchasing a small package of oxtails costs between $12.99 – $15.99 per pound depending where you grocery shop. I have found Costco with the most cost effective price. Geez, thank goodness it is worth it.

How are Oxtails Cleaned, Prepared and Cooked

Usually, when I am cleaning oxtails, they are soaked in a stock pot of water with a few lemon wedges and white vinegar. The oxtails stay in this water for 10 minutes, then it is continually rinsed with cold water until the water runs clear. Preparing the oxtails is fairly simple. Follow my steps below in making a tomato marinade that will need to be refrigerated for one hour. The cooking method used for the oxtails was Braising , which is a two part cooking method. Follow my braising cooking method in the steps below.

Storing Oxtails

Storing oxtails is an easy task. Let the cooked oxtails cool down for one hour or a little more time, do not exceed two hours, then you will run into a food safety problem. Remember, the two hour rule. We don’t want that to happen at all or your money just went down the drain. Store in an airtight container and place in the freezer for up to one month safely. Sauce included. After conducting a month-long test of storing my frozen oxtails. Once thawed properly, the oxtails turned out delicious, just like the first day it was made.

How to Make Oxtail Pot Pie

Check out my TikTok and Instagram videos. Do not expect to go anywhere, anytime soon, as these oxtails are going to take a few hours to make. In this recipe we are going to work backwards, we are going to make the oxtails and let it stew on the stovetop. Our pie crust will be made afterwards to utilize our time in an efficient way. I like that, Yes!!!

For oxtails: Oxtails, tomatoes, onions, garlic and onion powder, potatoes, baby carrots, soy sauce, beef broth, ketchup, thyme, water and cornstarch.

For the crust: see my “Pie Crust” recipe.

Egg wash: egg and water

Step One – Soak oxtail in water and vinegar for a few minutes then continuously rinse oxtails until water runs clear. Place in a baking dish until ready to add marinade seasonings.

Step Two – Marinate oxtails in tomatoes, onion, garlic and onion powder, carrot, soy sauce, thyme and brown sugar. This is where the flavor comes into the oxtails, the longer that it is marinated, the more flavorful your oxtails will become.

Step Three – Follow my pie crust recipe. Refrigerate until ready to use in Step Eight.

Step Four – Brown all of the oxtails in a cast iron dutch oven and place in a separate baking dish.

Step Five – Add tomatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, soy sauce, thyme and brown sugar to the dutch oven. Stir all ingredients together. Don’t worry if there are pieces of dark meat hanging around in the dutch oven, this will give an additional boost of flavor.

Step Six – Stir in the broth, ketchup, and browning sauce.

Step Seven – Add browned oxtails to the cast iron dutch oven and reduce heat to a simmer.

After one hour, add potatoes. Wait. Don’t be impatient! This is a long cooking process, but it will be worth it. Cook oxtails for an additional 1 – ½ hours. Once braised for a total of 2- ½ hours, shred or break apart meat into the sauce. This is where I had to sneak some of the cooked oxtails. OMG!!! So, so good!

At this point, you can stop and eat this with some rice and peas and your favorite veggies.

Step Eight – Remove dough from refrigerator and place on a lightly floured cutting board, using the rolling pin, roll out and cut dough in half using a pizza cutter wheel, dropping dough into the bottom of a ramekin for baking.

Step Nine – Add shredded oxtails and sauce until ¾ full into the dough lined ramekin.

Step Ten – Cover and top with a round dough disc, use a pastry brush to brush top of dough with the egg wash.

Step Eleven – Bake for 30 minutes until the dough is golden brown. If you need additional time, add 10 – 15 minutes.


The common type of animal tails used in households and in the culinary world are: Pig, goat and lobster tails are very popular animal tails used in homes across the world today. Did you guess the answer? Share with me other animal tails that are commonly used to eat.

So excited to see how your Oxtail Pot Pie comes out!!! Post it, I know it’s going to be amazing!!!!! YES!!!!!

Don’t forget to check out my TikTok and Instagram videos on making Oxtail Pot Pie.

Aunt Carmen


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