Pecan Pie

pecan pie

Pecan Pie vs. Apple Pie for Thanksgiving? Which one do you prefer on Thanksgiving Day? Please post your preference/favorite in the comment section as I am interested in what my audience prefers.

As we approach this holiday, food is the main attraction and rightfully so! On Thanksgiving Day, people gather together with family and friends, watch football, play games, and socialize while reminiscing around a table filled with all sorts of foods. After stuffing your belly with meat, sides and veggies, there is always a little more space left for the dessert. Thanksgiving is a special day for desserts. There are a few common desserts served on Thanksgiving where friends and family will automatically start exploring your kitchen, once they finish eating the main meal. You might hear someone say “I know you made some type of pie, now where is it?” Does this sound familiar? Well, I am here to help you please those dessert lovers.

I am going to take you on a stroll through my Pecan Pie as my Apple Pie recipe is only available in my upcoming cookbook. This Pecan Pie is a southern favorite of mine and does not take a long time to prepare and bake. The pecans in this pie are plentiful and crunchy and the inside is very moist and gooey. This version is not too sweet as some might make it, making this one of my go-to pies for the holiday. Of course, I would like the pie crust to be made from scratch, there is no need to buy it. It takes four simple ingredients to make your own pie crust and most likely they are stored in your pantry and refrigerator. So, let’s get started while we still have time!

Ingredients: Aunt Carmen’s quick pie crust, granulated and brown sugar, salt, corn syrup, vanilla, butter, water, eggs and lots of pecans.

Tools/Equipment: pie plate, pastry blender, rolling pin, cutting board, large mixing bowl, wooden spoon, whisk, pastry/basting brush and rubber spatula.

You can easily purchase the aluminum disposable pie plates for a quick, easy clean up.

Step One – Prepare your pie crust and place it into your pie plate. Any pie plate will work as long as you cover the whole pie plate. (You can create a fluted pie crust with your hand by pressing two knuckles and pushing your thumb in between your knuckles around the entire edge of the pie.) The fluted design is a finishing touch to the appearance of your pie crust. Add pecans to fill the bottom of the plate. Set it aside.

Step Two – Make an egg wash, using a pastry/basting brush, brush the egg wash over the edges of the pie. The egg wash will make the pie crust edge golden in color. Please don’t miss this step. Thank you.

Step Three – No need to use a mixer, this is manual labor at its best, your arm and wooden spoon will do all of the work. In a large mixing bowl, add the granulated sugar, brown sugar and salt. You can use the sifter to remove any lumps in your sugar or a wooden spoon and chop away.

Step Four – Add the corn syrup, vanilla, butter and eggs to the bowl. Whisk all ingredients together until blended well. Mix together well with a wooden spoon, then switch to a whisk. The batter will be somewhat thin, making it more of a pour batter

Step Five – Pour batter over pecans in the pie plate. At this point, the pecans will rise to the top.

My preference is using the halved pecans throughout the pie instead of crushed. Some pastry chefs crush the pecans as a way for them to settle in the inner bottom of the pie crust. Some might say using the halved pecans might seem a bit chunky and hard to slice neatly. There is nothing set in stone on using halved pecans or crushed, it is whatever pleases the baker! Yes!

Step Six – Using the remaining pecans, place on top of batter and arrange it in a decorative pattern. If you do not have the time, you can spread pecans all over the top of the batter. It will still look great!!!!

Step Seven – Place in the oven and bake for 1 hour. Batter will not be set, it will be slightly jiggly (no worries) refrigerate 1 ½ hours prior to serving. When your pie is set, use a pie cutter to allow a neat cut for every slice.

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pecan pie

I hope you make and enjoy this pie as much as my family. It is days before Thanksgiving and half of it is almost gone. My goodness!!!! Back to the drawing board!!!!

P.S. Don’t forget to comment on YOUR favorite pie for Thanksgiving, Pecan or Apple Pie.

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!!!
Aunt Carmen

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    Yummy! Perfect holiday recipe, can’t wait to try it

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