Pizza Choices

Pizza Choices

Pizza is not just for lunch anymore; you can have it for dinner as well. There are all types of pizza toppings depending on what you like. You can add pepperoni, pineapples, mushrooms, tomatoes, kale, spinach, broccoli, sausages, all types of meats, etc. The list can go on and on with how you can make your pizza for dinner. I LOVE PIZZA! Anyone can make or buy various types of pizza from your Sicilian slice, Margherita, Neapolitan, New York Style, geez, the list is endless. I have even made a quesadilla pizza and posted it on Instagram, which was fun to make as I was craving both and just decided to add my quesadilla to the pizza as a topping. So yummy! Get creative when making your pizza and add two or more of your favorite veggies or meat and have a fun night with company or kids in the house.

If you had to purchase pizza, who would make the best pizza? If you were having your pizza delivered to your house, which pizza spot would you and your family choose? This is a tough one, as there is Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Little Caesars, Papa John’s, and your local pizza shops. Every person has their preference as to “the better pizza spot”. Every town that I am in for at least three days, at least one of the days there is an “APB” out for the best pizza shop, and I will find a way to Uber over there. One of the best spots in Queens is “Gaby’s Pizza” located on Hillside Avenue. By far, this is the best pizza spot in Queens and has been for many, many years.

The variables to decide which pizza shop to choose depends on three main things: taste, delivery time and price. Taste was put in the first spot because that maters most, I would want a pizza with some good sauce with fresh ingredients and cheese, (of course, that is what makes the pizza). Next, delivery time is important, if you are going to take one hour or more and the next pizza place says 30 minutes, I might be STARVING and will choose the 30-minute wait time instead. Have you done that or is it just “me”. Lastly, price maters, all the time, especially if you are on a tight budget. Some of the big pizza spots have “buy one pizza pie at this price and get the other pie for half”. When your pizza arrives, it looks like they inserted your pizza into some sort of shrinking machine because it is half the size of pizza you normally would purchase. Geez!!!!

Choose your pizza wisely!!!!!!!

Bye now,

Aunt Carmen

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