Quick Cold Pasta Salad

cold pasta salad

My cold pasta salad is quick and simple. Cold pasta salad compliments many dishes and also looks very appetizing when incorporating other colors from various vegetables. This Cold Pasta Salad recipe makes me think that summertime is near and that is why I named it one of my happy foods. After you make this, step back and look at it on whatever display you choose, it will brighten your table, plate and keep guests returning to nibble on this pasta.

Using different types of pasta can make this dish more appealing than your ordinary visuals of pasta salad, but rest assured, you can combine pastas or use the one that I have grown accustomed to using tri color rotini, yes!

This pasta is very appealing and holds up well with sauces. It doesn’t seem to get soggy, that’s if you follow the package cooking directions. When making cold pasta, I like to boil my pasta for just 5-7 minutes tops. Any number beyond that, my pasta is too soft and not as preferred al dente. When making cold pasta, it should not be soft (unless you like it this way).

You can compliment this side dish with my Sticky, Licky Wings at your next family or gathering with friends. Give this recipe a try, and let me know,
through my comments of course, how well your cold pasta salad turned out.

Bye now!

Aunt Carmen

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