Sherbet, Sorbet, or Ice Cream

sorbet sherbet and ice cream

On these hot summer days, I found myself wanting cold foods to eat and/or drink to cool off my inner body. With temperatures soaring well past the 80’s, your body is screaming for you to keep it hydrated. Besides water, what would choose, sherbet, sorbet, or ice cream? What is sherbet and sorbet and what is the difference between the two? We will investigate which is the better healthier option to choose on those hot days.

Sherbet is a combination of juices made from fruit, water, milk/cream, and sugar. The addition of milk or cream gives Sherbet is creamy characteristic. Sorbet is the same as Sherbet except without dairy (the milk or cream). Sorbet is like an Italian ice; they are just named differently due to their place of origin. Sorbet is usually served in between meal courses to cleanse the taste palate and at times served as a light dessert following the meal. So, now that you know the difference with the two, which of these are the healthier choice? I would say, Sorbet, as the dairy product in Sherbet contains more fat. Sorbet would be considered the healthier route to go. Try my Lemon and Strawberry Sorbet!

Ice-cream, one of our favorite desserts, is supposedly declining in consumer consumption. Why? My take is the ingredients! Ice cream is loaded with fat and sugar and more people are watching the ingredients that make up food products. They are reading those labels, yes!!!! People are taking control of everything that goes into their body. So proud of you!!!!! More health and weight consciousness. Despite that, ice cream sales are still considered to be a billion-dollar business.

To make a good ice cream, there are only a few ingredients needed: sugar, milk, cream, extract, and salt. For those who are watching their weight, substitute your cream and sugar for a healthier alternative, add fruit and herbs. You don’t necessarily need an ice cream maker, but you do need to agitate your cream and should incorporate some air by whisking the cream and using a rubber spatula to fold it into your recipe.

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