Shopping Tips

shopping tips

When it comes to shopping everyone is looking to get the best bargains for the least amount of money.  When shopping for groceries I’ve found that a routine works best.  Here are my shopping tips. Make a plan and stick to it!

First, I would type up a checklist, (divided into categories – ex. Produce, Dairy, Meats ….) and tape it inside a cabinet door to check off the items needed.  Take this list with you when you go shopping and put a clean new list on the cabinet door for the next time.  (Make sure to make multiple copies for replacements.)  Having a list lets me know what I need and don’t need.  This way I won’t overspend or buy unnecessary items.  I find that this method may take a bit of time and preparation to set up, but believe me it will be a much welcomed time and money saver once it’s put in place; and isn’t that what we’re trying to do here?

Secondly, if you know what store you’ll be making your purchases from scan their circulars ahead of time to see if the items you need are on sale.  I would choose a day and time to do this weekly.  Remember, routine is key to time management and savings.  I would also check coupons if you have access to newspapers or on-line sites.  Every penny counts, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Budgeting is also important!  Know the amount of money you want to spend before you go to the store.  It helps to keep you from overspending and buying things you don’t need.  Along with budgeting, paying with cash is best.  No fees!  Once your cash is gone you’re done! Credit and Debit cards can give you a false sense of endless amounts of “magic money,” until you see your bills.  If possible only take the amount that you wish to spend in cash.  Trust me; it will save you money.

Some additional shopping tips are:

  • choosing the best day and time to do your shopping, whatever works for you
  • shop alone, less distractions and suggestions to try items not on your list
  • and for all the obvious reasons don’t shop tired, hungry, or when you’re bored, lonely or upset.

Aunt Carmen

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