Summer Side Dishes

summer side dishes

It’s beginning to feel alot like summer, everywhere we go!!! I want you to sing that christmas tune, just replace the word Christmas with summer! Summertime makes me smile. It’s warm outside, many things to do, the spirit in the atmosphere seems contagious and the grill is sparked up. We know the usual meat and fish that will go onto that grill, but what about those side dishes to serve along with it.

There are an abundance of side dishes to choose from. One of my all time favorites is macaroni salad. I have posted my cold pasta salad recipe, which is a fast “go to recipe” when you are scrambling for time. Another favorite is potato salad, this one goes with any meat dish at a barbecue. Potatoes are inexpensive and can be made simple in various ways when looking to change that side dish, you are so accustomed to making for your guests. Also, you can make rice dishes, as there are so many variations. There will be a separate blog on rice and potatoes as these are topics that are in a class all by itself. You know what I mean, all you rice and potato lovers out there!

So, let’s go back to the macaroni salad. My macaroni salad is simple to make but very flavorsome and goes well with barbecue chicken, ribs and even burgers. You can add flavored chicken, vegetables, broth and even tuna to your macaroni salad. Adding tuna to macaroni salad gives a pleasant taste that blends well with the mayonnaise. Why wouldn’t it? That is how you make tuna fish, and if you like tuna fish, all the better when adding to your macaroni salad. Some might call the macaroni salad, tuna salad. No, no, no, there is no macaroni in tuna salad. So be clear it is not tuna salad. Be sure not to overcook your pasta as it will be too soft, follow the package directions on how long you should boil your pasta. Be sure to refrigerate your pasta once you make it. So check out my macaroni salad recipe when you are grilling and relaxing in your backyard. Your guests are sure to have a smile on their faces.

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