Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

thanksgiving leftover ideas

So here we are friends, it’s a couple days post turkey, we shopped until we dropped and got those good deals, now we get up and look in the fridge and there it is…. those leftovers, still sitting in that Tupperware or wrapped in that foil.  As you stare down that ham and turkey, which are both still standing strong, and as you watch those sides dwindle down…. we all have the moment of WHAT CAN WE MAKE WITH THESE THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS????  If you are anything like me, I want maximum utilization with minimal effort and waste. So, here’s a few things that I’ve done and some I think would be pretty darn good to try, because come Monday I don’t want to see NOT ONE of these dishes ever again…

First things first, breakfast, this is perfect time to use those meats and pair it with some eggs.  If you have leftover onions and peppers, chop some turkey and or ham up and put that in a nice omelet. Watch AC’s Jelly Rolled Omelet video.  This Jelly Rolled Omelet will feed a family of four with no problem. If your egg flipping skills have yet to be mastered, just mix those eggs up, add chopped meat and add to some nice, scrambled eggs.  Also, you can fry that egg up, with some leftover cheese from the Mac and Cheese, toast some bread and have a ham and/or turkey, egg, and cheese.  Sounds yummy!

Here’s lunch time, a classic double decker sandwich with our leftover sliced meat is always an easy fix, same as slicing that meat and putting it on a salad. Another idea is a leftover burrito/wrap! You can put a little of any Thanksgiving leftovers in a nice tortilla, roll it up, press it in a pan or griddle and your leftovers have been resurrected!  You can make ham egg rolls, see Recipe attached to make an egg roll out of collard greens and ham. Mac and cheese survived, you can roll into balls and freeze them, remove frozen cheese balls from freezer and dip in an egg, make your own breading, follow my AC’s breadcrumbs recipe, of your choice, get some oil and voilà, fried Mac and cheese balls!

Whatever you decide to do, there are so many choices to become VERY creative when using your leftovers from the holidays and please share with me your ideas!!!! I would love to hear them!

Aunt Carmen

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