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chicken lettuce wraps

Now that summer is knocking at the back door, it is that time of year to shed off some pounds or maintain the shape that you have. Wait a minute, the questions are coming! How can I shed some pounds? What should I eat? Why didn’t you share this earlier? There are a ton of other questions that people would like to ask, so here is my answer to all of the above. Some people start caring about their weight and how they will look in that sexy bathing suit or trunks months before it is time to wear them and there are those that start to exercise and watch their weight as the warm weather hits. Which one are you? There are those that exercise year round and have that fabulous beach figure ready when called upon to explore those fabulous Caribbean islands.

One of the “go to” routines to shed some pounds is, removing as much carbohydrates as possible from your diet. I am a sucker for bread and am not ashamed to say that this is my weakness, but everyone has one, whether cake, chocolate, ice-cream or bread etc. Eventually, it will catch up to you and cause you to shift gears and eat in moderation or eliminate the fattening food(s) you crave. I will NEVER eliminate bread, but I will moderate how much goes in my mouth. So, what do I eat to replace my bread? I chose lettuce. Lettuce contains very low calories and carbohydrates. They contain minerals and vitamins, especially when eating the dark leafy green lettuce, such as romaine, arugula, kale, collard greens, etc. All you need to do
is add one or more of these green leaves and make a salad or chicken/shrimp lettuce wrap and yes, there you have it. So simple and healthier than using bread.

Now, salads and salad wraps might not fill your belly for the whole day so, add some protein, like meat, beans, or tuna to the leaf and a variety of vegetables and you are well on your way to start getting the bikini figure for that beach day! It doesn’t end there, you should incorporate some type of exercise in your regime, whether working out at the gym, playing some tennis, basketball, racquetball, bike riding or even swimming. This will help shed some pounds off or tone your body in ways you wouldn’t believe. You can do it!!!!!!!

Check out my Chicken Lettuce Wrap recipe. Stay focused!!!!!

Bye Now!

Aunt Carmen

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